National Entrepreneurship Awards 2019 Honouring Young Entrepreneurs and Eco-system Builders for their outstanding efforts in Entrepreneurship Development

Eligibility criteria of Ecosystem Builder Track for all four awards for institutions/ organisations/ incubators/ mentors/ promoters should have completed a minimum six years of service in their respective field as on April 1st, 2019. They are well established and recognised in their field and entrepreneur's skill development. The trainees incubatees, mentees and enterprises (hereinafter referred to as candidates) supported by them should have made significant progress in their ventures due to the efforts of such Ecosystem Builders. Such Ecosystem Builders will have to provide references to such candidates.

1.Entrepreneurship Development Institutes/ Organizations
2.Incubation Centres
4. Promoters of Rural Producer Enterprise

Ecosystem Builders Track - Prize Details

a. A Trophy
b. A Certificate
c. Cash Award
d. Institutions: ₹ 10 Lakhs
e. Individuals: ₹ 5 Lakhs

Eligibility Criteria for Ecosystem Builder Award for NEA 2019

The Ecosystem Builders’ award aims to recognise the Institutions, Incubators, Mentors and Promoters/Facilitators of rural entrepreneurship who are building the soft and hard infrastructure in the country to enable the entrepreneurship grow. There are six (6) awards in this track.

  • Entrepreneurship Development Institutes/Organisations: Refers to Institutes/ organizations teaching, training and offering courses on entrepreneurship development. There is one (1) award under this category.
  • Incubation Centres: Refers to Institutes/organizations providing incubation, mentorship and handholding support. There are two (2) awards under this category, one for Incubation Centres in the Public Sector and one for Incubation Centres in the Private Sector
  • Mentors: Refers to educationists, advisors, consultants working towards entrepreneurship development. There are two (2) awards under this category, one for Mentors in the Public Sector and one for Mentors in the Private Sector.
  • Promoters of Rural Producer Enterprises: Refers to institutions/organizations or individuals directly involved in the promotion of farmer producer companies/cooperatives or SHG enterprises through mentoring and providing soft skill support such as development of organisational structure, training on management skills, conflict resolutions, etc. Such institutions/organisations may be governmental, non-governmental, private institutions or persons working in their individual capacity. There is one (1) award under this category.

Ecosystem Builders Track - Prize Details
  • A Trophy
  • A Certificate
  • Cash Award
    • Institutions: 10 Lakhs
    • Individuals: 5 Lakhs

Ecosystem Awards Track - Categories
There are six (6) awards in this track which are as follows:
Category Code Category Award Count
B1 Entrepreneurship Development Institutes/ Organizations 1
B2 Incubation Centres – Public Sector 1
B3 Incubation Centres – Private Sector 1
B4 Mentors – Public Sector 1
B5 Mentors – Private Sector 1
B6 Promoters of Rural Producer Enterprises 1
  Total 6

NOTE: * All the above aspects will be verified during the field visits, for shortlisted nominations; any additional information required will need to be promptly provided by the Nominee.